1. Play Games for Your Brain

NeuronsBlogImage370Computer games have been around a while. But now we have access to computer games that are proven to improve our brain function.

Check it out at brainhq.com. They have a sample of one type of game you can try. Here is a quote from their website.

“BrainHQ is a brain-training system built and tested by an international team of top neuroscientists and other brain experts. Unlike other brain-training programs, BrainHQ is proven to work—dozens of published papers (and counting) show real benefits from using exercises in BrainHQ. This research shows cognitive benefits (such as better memory and faster processing) as well as real-life benefits (such as safer driving and better hearing in noisy places). No other program has this level of proof.”

I have done BrainHQ’s programs and found them to be a fun and rewarding experience.


2. Read

Did you know one of the habits of highly successful people is that they read one book every week?

Feel like you don’t have time in your schedule to read? Listen to an audio book while running errands or doing the dishes.

It’s easy. You can go to your local library and check out a book or audio book.

Or download this app, audible.com, for audio books delivered to your computer or smart phone. They usually have a free introductory offer to try it.


3. Take a class that fosters your inner curiosity

Look for something in which the teacher creates an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation, where the focus is on your inner experience and cultivates introspection.

If you find that you are being taught a ‘right’ way to do something without this exploration, it can shut down your opportunity for enriched learning. You will be missing out on the best part of learning – the interesting, playful process it is meant to be.

I remember taking a course in college because it fulfilled one of my requirements. I wasn’t even the least bit interested in the subject. I remember the drudgery I felt making my way to class on that first day.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

The professor was passionate about the subject and passionate about how students learn. He knew how to light up a room with his way of teaching.

And his passion and interest was contagious! I found myself becoming as interested as he was in the topic.

I’m not necessarily advocating studying something you aren’t interested in. However, the way something is taught can make all the difference in how you learn.

Check out the way the teacher is teaching. Look for a teacher that teaches in a way that makes you think and helps you become more aware of your own inner experience so that you feel more vitality in a way that is fun or feels playful.

Our brain is one of our most valuable assets. Our brain is like the master conductor with our body and life being like the orchestra. Take care of it and even more than that- use it in a variety of new and different ways.

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