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Over the last 10 years working with special needs kids, this is a question parents ask most often:

“How can I help my child learn to do new things?”

And for those parents who are familiar with Anat Baniel Method’s (ABM) Nine Essentials, they know that in addition to getting ABM lessons for their child with an ABM practitioner that applying ABM’s Nine Essentials at home in their daily activities fosters their child’s learning. So their question is:

“How do I apply ABM’s Nine Essentials while doing an everyday activity with my child?”

In this video, you can watch an example of how to do this while changing a child’s diaper. Even if your child is no longer wearing diapers, you can learn how to think about applying some of the Essentials in other interactions you have with your child.

Click the play arrow above to watch it.


Lara Gillease is an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner and Trainer. She teaches special needs children and infants how to learn to do new things, become better learners and start thriving. To learn whether the special needs child in your life could benefit, set up a Free Get Acquainted Call with Lara by emailing:

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