The Key to Creating Long-Lasting Inner Calm with Laser-Like Focus
Written By Lara Gillease

When at the age of 10 I saw my first Monet paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago, I was hooked. It was love at first sight for me. I didn’t want to stop looking at them.

I loved the way I felt when looking at them. A deep inner calm came over me while at the same time feeling intrigued and interested in the scene itself.

I became mesmerized by the gentle and various colors while everything else in the room seemed to disappear for me. I found myself focused solely on the intricate colors and patterns and how well they flowed together.

Then I felt an even deeper sense of peacefulness welling up in me.

There are two other times I also tend to feel this way.

One is when I am viewing a beautiful nature scene. Such as a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. Or the beautiful fall colors in the mountains. Or spring when everything is in bloom.

The only problem with relying on nature scenes or Monet’s paintings to help me achieve this state of calmness and focus is that I can’t create these moments. Certain things have to line up, like I have to be out when nature is doing its magic or at be at the museum.

Another way to connect to this calmness and laser-like focus Is when I am doing a Movement Lesson. Then I am not dependent on outside factors. I can generate this state anytime on my own by following along to an instructional DVD, going to a group class or a visiting a certified practitioner.

You know that feeling that you have afterwards when it stays with you, feeds you, fills you, and even continues to nurture you long after the moment has passed? That’s what happens. Time and time again.

There are other added benefits too like learning to move with less stress, tension, discomfort, and limitation.

Movement Lessons also known as NeuroMovement Lessons (from the Anat Baniel Method) are one of the world’s best kept secrets to achieving inner calm, better focus and even better breathing.

Doing a Movement Lesson is a journey within, a journey all about yourself, getting more in touch with yourself. The way you feel, move, sense yourself.

Doing these gentle movements can wake up your awareness to HOW you know yourself. How you are experiencing yourself and to expand on that. To give you more access to more possibilities of doing things. To expand who you know yourself to be, your awareness of self. All of this brings you more into the present moment.

It gives you time to really connect in deeply and wonder who you are today. Who you are in the moment.

And it carries over into making it easier to move. Some people become pain-free or have a reduction in pain. Some people overcome a limitation like being able to bend over to put on their shoe or lift a child into their arms. Or being able to now do something they’ve never been able to do before like ice skate or skip or understand a complex mental concept.

I recently worked with Justin who sought out ABM NeuroMovement Lessons because he felt both back pain and due to the back pain, restriction in his ability to breathe. During his first one-on-one Movement Lesson, he felt a reduction in his back pain and he found it easy to take a deep breath — for the first time in years.

He is also a Buddhist and meditates many hours each week. He commented that this felt as powerful for him as meditating with the added benefits of a reduction in pain, moving better and breathing easier!

The Movement Lessons are generally done lying down or in sitting position.

Here are three ways to have access to this best kept secret to learning how to have inner calm and better focus:

1.  Find a local practitioner for one-on-one sessions.

Doing so can help a skilled professional zero in on your particular condition and/or limitations while aiding you to experience calmness and improve your ability to focus. You will be touched in a gentle, loving way to help you feel and sense yourself in a deep, profound way. This is a very efficient way as the lessons are tailored to fit your needs.

2.  Go to a group class.

This has the advantage of having a social aspect of being with others having a similar experience. You’ll have a trained teacher to teach you based on how you and your classmates participate.

3.  Do videos in the comfort of your own home.

The same format as doing a group class without the social aspect. Makes it easier in terms of doing it at your convenience.

If you want the benefits of being able to have an inner calmness and laser-like focus plus get other benefits, an Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Lesson is an easily accessible way to do so.


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Lara Gillease, President & Founder of Lara’s Integrative Movement since 2000, teaches adults and children new ways of learning and how to move with greater ease and freedom while relieving tension and stress in one-on-one sessions. She also offers an online, self-study movement program, Move Free. Additionally she is one of Anat Baniel’s  Trainers for teaching and certifying new Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Teachers and works alongside Anat Baniel and team at her world headquarters- The ABM Center.

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