Written By Lara Gillease

outdoorsgirl-featurev2-325In the film, Field of Dreams, the
saying was “Build it and they will come”. The idea was to believe in what you dream and take the actions that keep moving you towards your dream becoming a reality. And to keep dreaming…

When you have a dream or a goal,   what do you do to start to make it a reality?                          

You have to take certain steps. You have to start where you are.

Anat Baniel talks about Imagination and Dreams* as a condition essential for learning and vitality.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand while imagination embraces the entire world…”

One of my dreams that came true many years ago when I was a ballet dancer was to become pain-free and be able to express my True Self through dance.

How did I do this? I searched and experimented with many different things, however, I found the most help through a most unique and comprehensive movement method – NeuroMovement (aka the Anat Baniel Method (ABM)).

And out of my own healing, by doing ABM, came an unexpected, but most beautiful thing – the expression of how to work with others.

In my over 16 years in teaching others in my private practice, I then began dreaming of making ABM NeuroMovement accessible to many more people worldwide.

And over these last two years, this dream also became a reality as I have been training and certifying people internationally with Anat Baniel to become ABM NeuroMovement practitioners. They come from as far away as Russia, Thailand, and Australia. Now lives of both adults and special needs children are being transformed worldwide.

These are some of my Big Field-of-Dreams come true. Here’s an example of Imagination and Dreams with a recent client, Emily, with whom I was doing private lessons.

Emily came to me because she had developed on-going pain over the last couple of years due to a trauma. She also told me that since the accident she had lost her vitality for life and asked me how she could restore that.

As we worked together over several months, she noticed she wasn’t in pain anymore. She just didn’t notice any pain. Since there was no pain to notice.

She said, “You know, when I came to you I was in so much pain, especially along one side of my body. However, I no longer experience pain anymore. And even though I don’t have any pain anymore, I want to keep working with you. The reason why is because I understand what this method is really all about. It is about human development, human evolution.”

I was blown away! I mean, I KNOW THIS. I have experienced this for myself and have seen it in others. However, to watch someone else come to KNOW it and hear her express it was a whole other world.

Then she added, “I feel my vitality again.”

She then began telling me about something she had been wanting to do for a while, but hadn’t felt well enough to do it. She told me now she was starting to fulfill this dream of hers and expressed how grateful she was to be able do it.

What is Your Field of Dreams, deep in your imagination?

Whether you’re in pain or feel like you’ve plateaued in some area of your life, grab hold of the Essential of Imagination and Dreams and let your Field of Dreams soar.

*Imagination and Dreams is one of Nine Essentials in the Anat Baniel Method.

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