Lara Gillease is a recipient of a grant to do the Anat Baniel Method with a special needs child whose family is in financial need. She is honored to be one of ten practitioners in 2014 to be recognized in this way and to have the opportunity to be of service to a family. Below is information about the grant called, Access to ABM.

For the second year in a row, Access to ABM has received a generous contribution that has made it possible to award grants to ten deserving practitioners of the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). These practitioners were chosen because of their accomplishment helping children with special needs using ABM for Children. These awards are a means of giving recognition and support to their ABM work with current and future children. By accepting the award, the practitioner commits to using the monies exclusively to fund ABM lessons given to a child whose family is in financial need.

The 2014 recipients of $1,000 each are:
Josie Davenport of Gainesville, FL
Lara Gillease of Asheville, NC
Patricia Holman of Milwaukee, WI
Carole Keefe of Austin, TX
Eytan Lerner of Givatayim, Israel
Suzi Marks of Highland Park, IL
Jon Martinez of Ft. Wayne, IN
Tracy Roybal of Dallas, TX
Jenna Stewart of Rockridge, FL
Andrew Tarr of Denver, CO

The Anat Baniel Method for Children has helped thousands of children with special needs by using its cutting edge, neuro-scientific approach. Through ABM, the practitioner communicates with the child’s brain through specific and intentional hands-on movements. This “dialogue” results in the formation of new neural patterns and pathways, achieving higher levels of development than had previously been possible. As the child’s brain functions better and better, there are significant and continuous improvements in movement, speech, cognitive ability, intention, sleep and feeding. A whole new world is possible for the child!

*Access to ABM : Functional Movement for Children with Special Needs is a division of Butterfly Educational Arts, Inc. and is dedicated to making the Anat Baniel Method for Children℠ available to all children with special needs.

**Access to ABM, founded by Marcy Lindheimer, is a division of Butterfly Educational Arts, Inc. and is tax exempt under Section 501(C)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are fully tax deductible and 100% of all monies go exclusively to ABM lessons for special needs children. Contributions may be mailed to Marcy Lindheimer, 2109 Broadway Apt 9-93, New York, NY 10023-2148, and made payable to Butterfly Educational Arts, Inc.

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