Move Free is...

The online at-home program that guides you through gentle, effective, field-tested exercise movements – so you move in a tension- and stress-free way, and overcome physical limitations to FINALLY have movement freedom in your day-to-day life (and effortlessly do the hobbies and activities you love!).

Move Free is the turn-key approach that combines movements and exercises adapted from pilates, developmental patterns of movement, and the brain’s potential for learning so you experience moving (and learn to move) the way your body is structured to move optimally – to be at your very best.

So you can reach your full movement potential.

Even if you feel stiff.
Even if you are not flexible.
Even if you have chronic pain.
Even if you think you aren’t in good shape.

Move Free is easy, convenient and...
You can take it wherever-you-go. It's designed for your busy lifestyle.

Remember when you could read a good book and not feel stiff when getting up? Garden for as long as you wanted and still feel good afterwards? Roll out of bed in the morning without moaning? Look forward to going on long hikes? Feel like you can run up the stairs? Bend down and pick up or play with a child without worrying about your back?

What happened to being able to do the activities you love effortlessly? What happened to that feeling of freedom and ease?

Wasn’t it just so much easier TO MOVE when you were younger? 

You didn’t have to think about it – you just did what you wanted.
It didn’t interfere with the quality of your life.

You might be thinking that this is just the way you are, especially as you’ve gotten older. That it’s been so long, you don’t remember a time when there wasn’t that tension in your back (hip, neck or shoulder). You’ve just learned to live with it and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

After all, you’ve tried lots of things. You’ve been to the gym. Visited your local health care practitioner. Tried using special equipment.

And you’re seeing what’s happening to your parents as they age. You don’t want to end up like them – having reduced mobility, trouble getting out of a chair, frequent falls with bone-breaking risks, or to give up on doing favorite activities or hobbies.

What if there is a way to have a feeling of freedom and ease
as well as prevent or overcome limitations?


Move Free is unlike any other program you’ve tried. It has been uniquely developed with you in mind. So you can begin doing it regardless of your current conditioning.

It is unique in that it combines the latest knowledge in movement science adapted from pilates, developmental patterns of movement, and the brain’s potential for learning all into one program.

During the program, you follow video-formatted movement classes anyone can do. As you begin to shift and change throughout the program, your benefits will continue to increase exponentially.

You don’t need any special equipment. You only need an online connection, a space to lie down, and 25 minutes, 3 times a week.

It’s convenient to your busy lifestyle so if you’re at home or traveling, you can do it and start making the changes to the movement freedom you have been seeking.

You won’t find anything like MOVE FREE program anywhere else. Why? Because it has been created from my own personal discovery of integrating movement methods that are scientifically validated and have been field tested for over 10 years…

Hi, I’m Lara Gillease, President & Founder of Lara’s Integrative Movement. This program was created out of my own desire to relieve constant chronic back, hip and neck pain (yes, I had all three at once!) I also wanted more freedom in my day-to-day movements.

Following my life’s dream of dancing classical ballet was being sidelined – by excruciating joint and muscle pain, constant injury, and physical limitations.

I was wracked with pain, feeling exhausted and injured from overuse and forceful movement. I had been trying to figure out ways to move freer and have greater flexibility while refining the quality of my movement and get out of constant pain.

I just knew there must be a way to do it.

And I figured out how to do just that in my dancing through my training in several different movement methods, combining them and integrating them into how I danced. Then my dancing improved by leaps and bounds. And I was able to become pain-free and dance semi-professionally in a ballet company. I also co-founded, danced and choreographed in my own dance company.

At the same time, I was teaching Pilates classes. So I began to wonder if I could transfer what I had discovered with my dancing into the Pilates classes. (Students in that class that had little or no movement and no dance experience.) And lo and behold, it was more than possible. It was an incredible fit! I combined movements and exercises adapted from pilates, developmental patterns of movement, and the brain’s potential for learning so that the students began moving the way we are structurally built to move.

And the students loved it! They were just eating it up. Like it was some kind of nutritious meal they had been craving for years - and were finally getting it!

In my experience of developing and teaching the classes in Move Free for over ten years, I have seen how both women and men over 40 learn new ways to move that relieve tension, de-stress, and increase their mobility as well as overcome physical limitations.

Watch a Sample from one of the classes from the MOVE FREE Online Home Program:

This program IS for you if:

  • You are ready for a gentle, yet effective, way to increase your mobility.
  • You would like to relieve tension in your back, neck, shoulder, hip, or knee.
  • You are looking to overcome a physical limitation.
  • You want to experience improvements that extend beyond exercises and into your day-to-day movements and activities.
  • You are ready to become, and feel, more flexible and fluid.
  • You would like to have better balance and coordination.
  • You want great posture without having to think about it all the time.
  • You are someone who is looking to complement other exercise you are currently doing.
  • You want to experience moving in an integrated way as a seamless, effortless, whole being.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for exercise that gives you six-pack abs and buns of steel.
  • You are looking for a one-time, quick fix.
  • You are a weekend warrior when it comes to your well-being.
  • You are expecting cardio benefits from this program.

This is a program you can do at your own pace. Meaning you can decide whenever you want to do the program – day or night. Just log onto your membership site and you will have instant access.

What if you are away for a week in which you are unable to do the program? No problem. You can just pick up right where you left off. The program will be there waiting for you for at your membership site.

You can also do it wherever you are.

No need to get out in the wintry weather this year. The online program is delivered to you, directly on your computer, laptop or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

So if you’re traveling out of town and staying at a hotel or airbnb, you can do it lying down on carpeted floor. Or if there are only hardwood floors, lie on the bed to participate.

Have you had enough of wasting endless hours
on ineffective methods?

walkingonbeachExpect results.

This is a program that delivers results.

A program that provides streamlined, proven methods.

After doing the program, people often find that they have:

  • Improved mobility
  • Greater flexibility
  • More freedom to move
  • Stronger sense of balance
  • Better posture

A program with easy-to-do content in which you follow along.

A program with support so you can get your questions answered.

Included in the 12-Week MOVE FREE Online Home Program,
which begins on Monday, January 16, 2017:

exercisemat_rnd_25012 Weeks of Classes

You are guided in easy-to-do, follow-along video classes for 25 minutes each.

You can do these classes at any time during your day, wherever you are.

Plan to do 3 classes each week.

  • No worries if you miss one class or even miss a whole week, the class will be there waiting for you when you are ready to do it.
  • You don’t have to be available for a specific time during the day to do the classes either. They will be in your membership site that you log onto. Super simple - click on a button and you are ready to go.
  • You will be able to access your classes so you can go at your own pace and do them wherever you are.

There will be 3 brand new, 25-minute classes put in your membership site each week for the first 4 weeks for a total of 12 classes.

After the initial 4 weeks, you are guided to do the classes again through for the next 8 weeks.

Repeating the series will allow you to experience and feel the changes and improvements in your ability to move.

womanonphone_rnd_250Group Calls with Lara

As you go through the Move Free Program, you'll be able to reach out and get your questions answered during our monthly Q&A Coaching calls.


For the first 6 people who sign up...

Bonus Private One-On-One Coaching Call with Lara for your own individualized training so you go deeper in learning how to improve your unique movement signature. (It's unique – like your autograph!)

Sign up by January 5th and get:earlybird_rnd_250

Specially designed exercises you can do while sitting in a chair or at your computer.

Melt away back, neck and shoulder tension for "Sitting Free & Easy".

Are you ready to Move Free?

Click the button below and let's get started...

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I'm giving you my personal 12-day 'Leap-and-the-Net-Will-Appear' Guarantee

Here’s how this works. I live what I teach. And this program MUST be of value to you. So I’m throwing out a safety net for you.

Register today. Join the program when it starts. Try it for 12 days. Show up at the Group Call. Get everything out of it you can.

And if you don’t feel I’m delivering, write to me before day 12 and I will give you a FULL refund of every penny you spent on the program.

That’s how it works. You have nothing to lose.

PS — Imagine if you decide NOT to do this program. Where will you be six months from now?

Exactly where you are now? Would you still feel the same way in your body?

Or are you ready to BECOME someone who takes advantage of this life-enhancing program? The decision is yours.

In six months will you wish you had started Move Free? If you're wanting to change, NOW is the time to do something about it.

PPS — Remember, the doors close on Monday, January 16. You need to sign up before then.

Important Medical Disclaimer

Check with your doctor or other qualified health professional before commencing this or any other exercise program. The teachers and producers of this program and videos, Move Free Online Home Program - Moving with Ease When You're Over 40 and Lara’s Integrative Movement Inc and its owners, employees, and agents assume no responsibility for improper use of the program or videos, or any injury that may result.