Most people pick up an infant or child when he is lying down on his back by lifting him through the middle. But there is a way that is safer and stress-free for the child and sets him up for success for learning later on.

Below is a link to a video in which Anat Baniel demonstrates how to pick up your child when he is lying on his back, belly or side.

This same way of picking up your child also helps to set up in his brain how he can come to a sitting position from lying down – on his own. A way that will increase his potential for future success.

This is especially useful to do with a special needs child.

Watch this under-4-minute video:

Notice how Anat picks up the boy when he is lying on his back. She does it so his head moves forward in an arc.

Watch it again and you will see his head makes an arc-like movement from where his head starts to ending forward above his knees. Notice that his head does not hang back. Look for this when picking up your child. If your child leaves their head hanging back, you can provide support under the child’s head and gently bring it forward as Anat did in the first demonstration.

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