Anat Baniel’s amazingly informative book ‘Kids Beyond Limits’ can transform the way you think about learning. This guide for parents, caregivers and teachers provides real day-to-day advice on what you can do to improve your child’s learning. She describes special needs children she has worked with and how each child begins to do things he or she couldn’t do before. These are attention-grabbing, interesting true stories with references to numerous scientific studies that support their results.

Anat Baniel describes Nine Essentials to boost a child’s learning skills. There is a chapter dedicated to each essential with examples on how you can apply each essential to your interactions with your child. Her practical advice makes for an easy, fun read with useful anecdotes and personal insights.

Watch how the method works on this YouTube video:

‘Kids Beyond Limits’ by Anat Baniel is available on and at Barnes & Noble.

The Anat Baniel Method uses gentle movements and the Nine Essentials to improve brain functioning through a process of developing the child’s brain’s capacity to change and grow. It has helped thousands of children with genetic and neurological disorders including cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism, Asperger’s and more. This method is useful with many different conditions because instead of focusing on the diagnosis, the focus is on the child’s brain’s ability to change and grow.  The child and parent or caregiver discover a joyful process of development for their child with this science-based, MD validated approach.

Lara Gillease helps special needs children thrive with the Anat Baniel Method. To learn more about her work , go to: To schedule appointments for your child, email Lara:

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