Written By Lara Gillease

During a video conference call with a musician client who had recently done a series of in-person private Anat Baniel Method (ABM) NeuroMovement Lessons with me, she said:

“ABM NeuroMovement is different than any other method or technique I have done.

Previously I thought the only option was to abuse my body doing what I wanted to do and then try to relieve whatever damage I had done later.

Everything I have tried in the past looks to relieve the aftermath of the damage I had done which consisted of pain, discomfort and tension.

What you did with me was re-train me so that I do NOT create those problems in the first place. I am doing things differently now so there isn’t an aftermath.

ABM NeuroMovement is a completely new way of doing things that I didn’t even know was a possibility before working with you.

Now I am also curious as to how I can apply this in other areas like walking, sitting, and carrying heavy objects.”

People like this musician are continually surprised when they work with me with how they feel different in their walking, standing, sitting, and overall posture. They feel huge changes.

For instance, they no longer feel they have to REMEMBER to sit tall. It starts to just be there for them. They find themselves sitting tall. How come? I take them through a process of learning how to use their body differently.

ABM NeuroMovement is a method that works with HOW you know how to move. It gets you to explore what goes into making different movements work well.

It helps you learn to move in different ways and function in more optimal ways.

This method does this by taking you through a learning process.

Traditional movement methods, including exercise, don’t take you through a learning process. They are having you only move within ways you already know how to. They only have you impose a particular exercise on top of what you already know how to do.

ABM NeuroMovement Lessons show you how to change what’s not working to what does work. So you can achieve your desired outcome.

Who can benefit from ABM NeuroMovement Lessons?

Those looking at gaining or re-gaining function, in other words, being able to do activities and actions they could never do or can no longer do (or do well or without discomfort) like:

  • Those with back tension or strain…
  • joint replacement (hip, knee)…
  • shoulder and neck injuries or surgery…
  • those with chronic pain…
  • those who have had a stroke…
  • illnesses like Parkinson’s, MS…
  • high performers such as musicians, dancers, athletes…
  • special needs children

Don’t see your particular condition listed? ABM NeuroMovement Lessons can help with a wide variety of conditions. To find out if ABM NeuroMovement Lessons could help you (or someone you know), schedule a Free Get Acquainted Call by emailing:

Lara Gillease is a NeuroMovement Teacher as well as a Trainer for NeuroMovement Teachers in international training programs. She has been teaching adults and children how to do new things and move with greater ease and freedom since 2000. 

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