When you exercise, have you ever found yourself thinking about other things? Reading a novel? Watching a TV show? So bored you can hardly stand it or wishing you were doing something else while you exercise?

Did you know that mindless exercise equals low quality repetition?

Mindful exercise means you are exercising your brain too!

Wow! Who knew that you could double your fitness benefits.

Here’s the secret on how can you do this:

1. Do exercises that make you think, those in which you have to focus on your coordination. Some of these are ballroom dancing, yoga, pilates, tai chi, and ball sports. Or, take something you do regularly — like walking — and make it mindful.

2. Notice what you’re doing when you exercise. Pay attention to the sensations you are feeling.

3. And then, as you are doing a particular exercise, feel the way you are moving, like the angle of your foot, the position of your head in space. And hey, can you feel your back? And if you can, what are you doing with your back anyway?

4. As you do a movement for about a minute or so, really notice what you are experiencing. Notice the sensations you have.

5. Then after about a minute, change it up. Do a similar movement or the same movement in a slightly different way. Or do a completely new movement.

“Mindless exercise equals low quality repetition. But mindful exercise means you are exercising your brain too!”

With mindfulness, you’ll be accessing your brain’s ability to grow and change.

To learn more about this, read Anat Baniel’s book, Move Into Life.

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